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We create landscaped spaces to be lived in, enjoyed and experienced

Every client site is unique. Your garden should resemble what you envision.

With a splash of beauty and an alluring array of greenery, there are many favourable outcomes to having your own custom designed landscaped garden!

The creative side of landscaping allows for the combination of design, skill and personal preference. It involves an interaction between you and your landscape designer, with an outcome of a uniquely designed garden suited to you.

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What does your perfect garden look like? From start to finish, your garden should resemble what you envision. Allow us to meet the expectations of your imagination and provide you with garden landscaping that matches your idea of perfection. Here’s how:

  • Professional horticulturalists combine various plant species to create your ideal landscape

  • View a virtual mock-up of your garden before we begin landscaping it

  • Each garden has a unique character that you’ll never see anywhere else

  • Your garden will not only look good, but it will function well and require minimal maintenance

  • No space is too big or small to transform; whether urban, commercial, domestic or country

  • Seasonal design means you get to watch your garden take shape, month after month

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Peace and tranquility are yours. Installing a water feature enhances the value and shape of your entire property. Add an element of peacefulness by attracting bird and animal life into your garden with a uniquely installed water feature.

Modern day landscaping is incomplete without an attractive water feature. Water features not only add to the beauty of your garden, they attract wildlife and are a source of comfort after a long day at work. Our speciality in water features starts with a selection of water pools and ponds, fountains and waterfalls, cascades and even meandering streams.

Living Green Landscapes will:

  • Design a water feature that fits in with your garden shape and design

  • Automate your water feature to run day and night

  • Install and customise indoor or outdoor water features

  • Include surrounding plants and rocks to emphasise its appearance

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Do you want to change the shape of your garden to fit in with your ideal design? Living Green Landscapes performs complete garden construction that will open up a whole new canvas for you to work from. We’ll also add new features such as:

Outdoor living spaces can include:

  • Bomas, fire pits & seating, focal points

  • Patios
  • Braai areas
  • Pathways
  • Retaining walls, leveling of areas

  • Sidewalk gardens

  • Gates

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Your garden needs regular watering. Automating the irrigation of your garden is a clever way to keep it lush and floral. Not only will your lawn stay green all year round, but your garden will retain its beauty during dry months too. Get an irrigation system that has the following features:

  • A timer that allows you to schedule your watering times

  • Applications that spread the water evenly, ensuring full utilisation of your resources

  • Can be added to your home automation system, allowing for remote activation

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Horticultural Maintenance

Any landscaping service can give you a garden that looks good at first. But creating a garden that’s a symbiotic ecosystem is a different matter altogether. Living Green Landscapes has extensive knowledge about the science of plants. Positioning and growth patterns are important factors in a garden. We have horticultural skills & technology that leave you with a symbiotic garden where plants are in sync with each other.

  • We help you choose a range of plants that complement each other

  • You get to select various medicinal plants and herbs

  • Your plants will have a direct effect on your garden’s ecosystem

  • You get a garden that attracts birdlife and beneficial bugs & insects

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Commercial Landscaping

Your place of business says a lot about your company. Encourage your customers to visit by making them feel relaxed and by enhancing the exterior and interior of your business property. Commercial landscaping includes:

  • Exterior designs for business & office parks

  • Interior designs for corporate buildings

  • General landscape planning for complexes and estates

  • Automated irrigation systems

  • Tranquil designs for schools, hospitals and government buildings

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