Water Feature Design and Installation

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Water Feature Design & Installation

Installing a water feature enhances the value and shape of your entire property.

Modern day landscaping is incomplete without an attractive water feature. Water features not only add to the beauty of your garden, they attract wildlife and are a source of comfort after a long day at work. Our speciality in water features starts with a selection of water pools and ponds, fountains and waterfalls, cascades and even meandering streams.

Add an element of peacefulness by attracting bird and animal life into your garden with a uniquely installed water feature.

water feature
home back
water fountain
water feature home front
before after garden area

Water Feature Design and Installation

  • Design a water feature that fits in with your garden shape and design

  • Automate your water feature to run day and night

  • Install and customise indoor or outdoor water features

  • Include surrounding plants and rocks to emphasise its appearance

  • From the start, along with the design, we select the most suitable location for your feature.

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